10 Bizarre Facts About Leeds

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When you think about Leeds, you’re probably not thinking about bizarre facts but you may be pleased to know that Leeds has some pretty impressive facts that will amaze you.

1. Hippos used to live in the city centre.

In 1851 archaeologists discovered enormous bones that belonged to ancient hippopotami that used to live in the city 100,000 years ago

2. Leeds is home to the world’s largest animal armour

Speaking about animals, The Royal Armouries have the world’s biggest elephant armour brought back to Britain in 1801 by the former wife of the Governor of Madras and obtained by Royal Armouries in 1962.

3. Leeds kept rooftop sheep

A flock of sheep was kept at the top of the Temple Mill building in Holbeck to maintain the grassy roof which regulated the humidity of the building itself and kept the wool yarns from separating.

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4. The most expensive piece of furniture sold in Britain was made in Leeds

The Harrington Commode , by the renowned Thomas Chippendale was sold for over £3 million in 2010.

 5. 100,000 people pass through the city every day

 Over 100,000 people use Leeds Train Station every single day with 900 trains, making it the busiest train station outside London

6. Leeds is more popular than Brighton

Leeds attracts more annual visitors than other well known holiday destinations including Brighton and Torquay! (VisitBritain, 2008)

7. M&S was founded in Leeds

Michael Marks opened up his penny bazaar stall in Leeds Market in 1884 before being joined by Tom Spencer a decade later and moving to a permanent spot around the corner.

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8. Cluedo was created in Leeds

In 1949, Leeds board game makers  Waddington’s s created the first ever board for Cluedo

9. The classic mouse trap was created in Leeds too

The classic spring-loaded mouse trap, the Little Nipper, was in fact created by James Henry Atkinson. The patent was bought by Proctor in 1913 and is still made today.

10. Leeds is home to the first ever commercial railway

Middleton Colliery railway is the world’s oldest working railway, running since 1758.

Isn’t Leeds just amazing?


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