10 Bizarre Facts About Manchester

Fun Facts

Think you know Manchester? Here are some bizarre facts about Manchester that will amaze you.

1. It’s the birthplace of vegetarianism. It started over 200 years ago.

2. It’s name means ‘breast shaped hill’. It comes from the Roman Mamucium

3. The atom was first split in Manchester. Ernest Rutherford did it in 1919.

4. The city was once nicknamed ‘Cottonopolis’. The name came about due to the industrial revolution during the 19th century.

5. Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe. There are over 200 language spoken.

6. The nation’s first free public library is in Manchester. If first opened in 1653 with money donated by Henry Chetham.

7. Manchester has the largest student population in Europe. Over 100000 students.

8. It’s the home of black pudding. Blutwurst was brought over to Bury by European monks and became what we now know as black pudding.

9. 25 Nobel Prize winners have studied in the University of Manchester. Mostly for Physics, Chemistry and Economic Sciences.

10. It’s the birthplace of the world’s first professional football league. It was created in 1888 at the Royal Hotel, Piccadilly.

Now you know these amazing facts about Manchester you can use them to start a conversation with some new friends and be sure everyone is going to pay attention to you. It’s pretty handy when you meet new people.


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