10 Bizarre Facts About New York

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New York, New York. One of the most amazing cities in the world and one with many secrets and bizarre facts. Here are some very interesting ones.

1.  It is illegal to honk your car horn, except during an emergency. Of course nobody obeys that law.

2. New Yorkers speak more than 800 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

 3. Times Square was originally called Longacre Square but it was renamed when the New York Times moved there in 1904.


4. More Chinese people live in New York City than any other city outside of Asia. More Jewish people live there than any other city outside of Israel.

5. If Texas was as densely populated as New York City it could fit the entire world’s population.

6. Up until World War II, everyone in the entire city who was moving apartments had to move on May 1.

7. Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in the city.

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8. There are “fake” buildings in the city that are used for subway maintenance and ventilation.

9. The wind gusts near the Flat Iron building can raise women’s skirts. Men used to gather around 23rd Street to watch and that’s where the phrase 23 skidoo came from

10. The ice cream cone, pasta primavera and eggs Benedict were all invented in New York City.

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