10 Things You Learn When You’re New To Bristol

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If you’ve just moved to Bristol and are trying to learn a bit more about the place and its people, you’re going to find these 10 things you learn when you’re new to Bristol very interesting.

1. The food is great

From Michelin star restaurants to chip and curry shops know as the best in the UK, Bristol is a foodie’s paradise.

2. You need to get used to cider

Cider is essentially what Bristolians drink. Sure there’s also beer but in order to fit in properly you’d better start ordering cider when you go out.

3. Boats are not just for sailing

Boats can be restaurants and clubs and everything you can think of. Get used to going out in boats.

4. The traffic is bad

Public transport is not Bristol’s strong point so with everyone driving around the traffic is pretty bad. Allow for adequate time to get places early.

5. There’s a Vimto/Ribena debate

Ribena was invented in Bristol, Vimto in Manchester. Try to avoid any debates about which one is better.

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6. The best place for a pub crawl is Gloucester Road

There are so many pubs in one place that you don’t have to ‘crawl’ far.

7. The pints are cheap

Especially if you’ve come from London. Pace yourself.

8. Street art is part of the city’s character

If you don’t like graffiti, you’re in the wrong place.

9. Everyone loves hot air balloons

The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is famous and you might also see balloons in the sky other times of the year. It’s always a great sight to behold.

10.  Isambard Kingdom Brunel is the best engineer

He’s the one who designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge. He also built dockyards, the Great Western Railway (including Paddington station in London) and a series of steam boats.

Now you’re ready to begin your Bristol adventure and meet lots of new Bristol friends.


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