10 Ways to Combat Loneliness In a New City

Socializing Tips

Moving to a new city is exciting but can also be stressful and often lonely. You’re in a new place you don’t know yet and don’t have any friends at the start. Here are some ways to combat loneliness when you move.

1. Go sightseeing.

Don’t stay at home; explore your new city and be a tourist for a while.

2. Meet your coworkers.

If you haven’t made friends yet, ask your colleagues to go out for after work drinks.

3. Get some flatmates.

When you first move, stay in a shared flat so you can have people in the house to talk to.

4. Go to the gym.

Your schedule is now free to finally go to the gym, and there are lot of new people there to meet too.

5. Get a pet.

If your contract allows it, get a dog. Then you have company at home and a reason to go out and walk in the park every day.


6. Go to church.

Even if you’re not particularly religious, most churches have youth groups and social activities for the community.

7. Volunteer.

Join a volunteer group for a cause you believe in and spend some time helping people.

8. Network.

Go to networking events and meet some people who are in the same profession.

9. Start a new hobby.

Use your free time to learn a new skill and join a class to meet other people who share your passion.

10. Use social apps.

Join social groups specifically designed for making friends, like citysocializer.

With these tips you’re never going to feel lonely again.


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Kristine Tsiknaki

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