10 Ways To Get New People You Meet To Like You

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Meeting new people is fun. You get to know what they’re like, exchange life experiences and chat about the things you love. It can though at times make you nervous if you worry whether the people you meet will like you. We put together some tips to help you out and make sure that you can get new people you meet to like you.

1. Find common ground

Starting with something you have in common will help you start a conversation and get people to like you because they’ll see you as someone they have things in common with.

2. Put your phone away

You can get new people to like you by showing them they have your undivided attention. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone new and them looking like they’re more interested in their phone than you.


3. Listen actively

People love sharing their stories with others. Show them that you care about what they have to say by listening to them and engaging in the conversation with questions about what they’re talking about.

4.  Make people feel important

Let your new friends know you value them by telling them how interested you are in their opinions and finding out what makes them special.

5. Mind your body language

Uncross your arms, maintain eye contact and lean towards them to show you’re interested in their conversation and getting to know them.


6. Give compliments & praise

Pick something about your new friend you like and compliment them on it. Praise them for how they handled a situations they told you about and show that you agree with their outlook on life.

7. Get to know the person

Don’t be afraid to ask personal questions about their life experiences and their opinion on topics that matter to you. It may not seem very intuitive to get into deep philosophical conversations but it can actually be a great way to make friends.

8. Show your personality

When you meet new people they also want to know what makes you unique so stand out from the crowd by letting them know about your favourite things and what makes you you.


9. Avoid arguments

Starting off with an argument when you meet new people is not the best idea if you want to make friends. It’s best to avoid very controversial topics at the beginning, until you know a bit more about their values as people.

10. Crack a joke 

Everybody loves a good laugh so cracking a joke will show your new friends you’re fun to be around and they’ll want to spend more time with you.

Make sure you remember all these tips when you go to a citysocializer social or any other time you meet new people and want to make a good impression and you’ll make new friends like it’s a piece of cake.


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