3 Tips To Overcome Nervousness When You Meet New People

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A lot of our members have said that they feel nervous when they go to their first social and don’t know anybody. They worry about what they’re supposed to do and say and whether people will like them. We know this feeling all too well but we have developed some techniques to overcome the nervousness when we meet new people.

1. Realise the other person is nervous too

It’s easy to think you’re the only one feeling nervous about this situation. The truth is that everyone else is on the same boat. Once you understand that you’re both new to each other and want to make a good impression then things become easier. You can even talk about how nervous you both are as a way to break the ice.

2.  Know that it’s okay to feel anxious

Anxiety is nothing more than your body realising you’re in an unfamiliar situation and putting itself on alert. That’s ok. That’s how humans survived for millions of years. Well, that and realising that the rewards of overcoming this anxiety are far greater than giving into it. Yes, you’re meeting a new person but imagine how good it’s going to be when this person is your friend and you get to do many fun stuff together. Surely that’s worth the risk.


3. Understand that you have nothing to lose

Meeting new people is a situation where you can only gain something out of. If it goes well, you come out with a new friend. That’s pretty great. If it goes badly? Well, you haven’t gained a friend but you haven’t lost anything either. At best, you had a good night out, a nice chat and that’s it. Just move on to the next person.

Once you realise that feeling nervous is part of being human and as such everyone feels the same you can have one more thing that connects you to the people you meet around you. Remember that all feelings are ok so you should never feel bad about feeling them. We all get nervous. But we can overcome it, make new friends and be stronger people for it.


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Kristine Tsiknaki

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