June Instagram Challenge

30 Day Instagram Challenge – Summer 2016


Hey guys!

Last week we announced our brand new Happy Snapper badge, which you can unlock by adding photos to all the socials you attend. To let us show off your photos even more, it’s time to have some fun with our social media and do a 30 day instagram challenge together!

All the sunshine outside has gotten us excited about summer and all the fun socials we can go to, so we decided our Summer instagram challenge will be full of all the fun things we love doing this time of year and also some of our favourite bits of our daily routine.

The Hashtag

To be able to find all the posts of the challenge make sure you use the hashtag #30DaysOfCS with all your posts. We will be picking the best photos from your submissions and reposting them on our account and crediting you for them.

The Topics

Every good challenge needs its topics and we thought you should know them in advance in case you want to prepare or take any of the photos in advance. Just make sure this is the first time you post them.


Even if it’s a challenge and not a competition, we wanted to throw in some cool prizes for all the participants. Are you ready?

Prize 1 – The Exhibition

All submissions will be printed out at the end of the challenge and will be displayed during a very special social (TBA) which will happen some time in July, allowing everybody on CS to admire your work! On top of that, the guests of that event will have the ability to vote for their favourite photo from those displayed and the winner will receive a booklet with all the submissions to take home.

Prize 2 – The Mementos

After the event all challenge participants will be able to take the printouts of their own submissions as keepsakes from citysocializer.

Prize 3 – The Online Reward

The photo with the most instagram likes from all the reposts of your submissions (likes only counted on the citysocializer account reposts and not the original post) will win a free 3 month VIP membership at the end of the challenge, so make sure you let all your friends know so they can go like the photos you’ve submitted.


Please make sure to both follow @citysocializer.london on Instagram and also use the hashtag #30DaysOfCS to be eligible to win the prize and get your pics reshared.

We look forward to see all the great pics you take and share ours with you too.


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Kristine Tsiknaki

Hey! I'm Kristine and I love writing about fun things to do in London. Check out my London and travel photography on instagram @DarcRose22