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30DaysOfCS Instagram Challenge Entries!


June has been  a great month, we loved sharing all the photos from our socials and fun things from the office and seeing all the photos you have shared with us too.

We will be sharing all the entered photos slowly over the next few weeks over social media. but for now we would like to give some credit to all the wonderful people who entered the challenge. Make sure you go over to their profiles and follow them to see more of what they share!

Alexandra Smart @alexsmart20

With an array of beautiful entries Alexandra completed almost every day of the challenge!! Well done!

30 Days Alexandra Smart

ChezBerry @picturecherelle

With lots of beautiful pictures over June, she made us smile with every entry.

30 Days Chezberry

Sabreen Kadhim @sabreen_kadhim

Sabreen definitely exceeded expectetion with multiple stunning photos for each hashtag. She is surely very talented

30 Days Sabreen Kadhim

Kirsty Greer @kirstygreer1979

Kirsty’s photos were beautiful and sweet, reminding us of home and family time.

30 Days Kirsty Greer

Tiffany Gee @littletgee

30 Days Tiffany Gee

Amy Rees @flomoo15

30 Days Amy Rees

HA’I Parker @kahaip

30 Days kahaip

Kristine Tsiknaki @darcrose22

30 Days Darcrose22


30 Days dbanbery

Simmy Rupy @simmy_rupy_            –                           Ying @arzebaby

30 Days Ying and Simmy

Dani Marshal @thisisdanim             -                 Tiranth @tiranth.london

30 Days Dani and Tiranth

Tink @dominiquetink - Kristin Frøyland @gothicvamperstein - Jonathan Sage @paxo.91

30 Days Jonatahn Tink Kristin

As you can see everyone had some amazing photography skills and deserves to be in our hall of fame with all the #30DaysOfCS Instagram Challenge participants.

Stay tuned for updates on a special event in London, where we will showcase all the entries in the form of prints for all the guests to see!


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Kristine Tsiknaki

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