5 Reasons Female Friendships Are Important

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Female friendships are very important. Women connect more deeply with their friends, communicate better and know what to do when their friends need them. Here are the top 5 reasons female friendships are important.

1. Women know what you’re going through

A lot of the problems women face tend to be specific to them. While men have their own problems too, sometimes you just need someone who gets it because they’ve been through it too.

2. Support over solution

Men tend to look at problems very logically and try to help by offering solutions and expecting you to get over it. Women will bring you wine, ice cream and put on netflix until you feel better.

3. Communication

Women are generally better at communicating and expressing their feelings so no matter what’s on your mind your girlfriends will be there to discuss and analyse it with you.

4. Physical affection

Your female friends will give you a hug when you need to, stay over and stroke your hair while you cry. Men don’t really get that physical with their friends so you definitely need your girlfriends for that.

5. Loyalty

Women tend to form stronger emotional connections with their friends so when it comes to being there for you, they’re there. You can’t get any more loyalty short of adopting a puppy.

Having a group of close female friends can be very important for your emotional health and happiness. If you’re looking to make some new ones, check out the girls night on citysocializer.


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