5 Reasons citysocializer is Great for Meeting New People


Sometimes it can be hard to meet new people because you don’t know where to go! Hanging out in a bar can be a bit seedy and talking to people on the bus might get you thrown into a strait-jacket. It will definitely earn you some weird looks to say the least.

This is why we have compiled our top reasons why citysocializer is the best way to meet people and make new friends!

No awkward silences! When you meet someone new there are always so many things to talk about and get to know each other.

At a social you’re in a group! If you’re not having a fun conversation you can move on to the next person! 

Everyone’s there to meet new people, so they will all be friendly and open to conversation. No one will palm you off!

 You know exactly who you’re meeting up with by looking at the guestlist, so you’re not going to end up on an episode of Catfish.

Our community is full of amazing friendly people, so you know you won’t meet anyone like THESE GUYS

Feel like giving it a go? Just sign up on citysocializer.com or download the app now!

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Victoria McDowell

My passion is PR and I’m currently lucky enough to work for citysocializer; writing blog content and aiding in marketing. I devour Sherlock Holmes books and thriller films. Out and about you may find me at the Tate or with red wine.

  • https://www.keepingitwelsh.com Jess

    I would go on Catfish just to meet Nev and Max!! #Hotties