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5 tips to boost your confidence when meeting new people

Socializing Tips

Whether you’ve just started a new job, moved to a new town or you’re about to meet your new partners family, there’s times in life when you have to make the effort to put your best face forward and conduct yourself with effortless grace and charm.

To some it may come naturally but to others the thought of being thrown into a social situation with the added pressure of having to make a good first impression is enough to fill them with dread. But don’t worry citysocializer are here with some tips to bear in mind next time you’re out of your socialising comfort zone.

Grin and bear it – a kind smile says a thousand words and even when you’re dying inside, you’ll be telling the world your warm, friendly and approachable. Smiling is a surefire way to make a good impression before any words are exchanged. Plus if you can hold it long enough you’ll even trick your body into releasing some happy endorphins – so you wont need to fake it for long.

The early bird – get out of bed that extra hour early and make a special effort to get yourself looking fresh in the morning. Yes, your hair probably could last another day without getting under the shower, but when you look and feel your best this is sure to come across in the way you hold yourself and your mannerisms.

Don’t tell white lies – There’s no point pretending to have a mutual interest, the cracks will start to show as the conversation flows, and if you have a differing opinion on a matter don’t be afraid to voice it. Friendly debate is much better than awkward silence and you’re much more likely to remember the people that challenged you than the ones that nodded along with everything you said.

Be complimentary – without coming on too strong, people like to be praised, even if it’s just for their favourite shoes or the dish they’ve cooked. If you can pay a genuine compliment (don’t force it you’ll just come across as insincere) then be forthcoming with it, you may find you have a mutual appreciation or interest.

The first ten minutes are the worst – remember this and be comforted by it, once you’re done with formal introductions and small talk about your day, you’ll soon start to relax and find some common ground.

Have you got any tips or confidence boosters? Let us know in the comments.

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