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6 Reasons Why citysocializer Will Save your (Social) Life


So you joined citysocializer after moving to a new city, you made some new friends and you guys are tight. And you think to yourself… “should I leave citysocializer?

“NOOO” we say, “we have so many other uses” …

You need a gig buddy

Maybe you have an everlasting passion for Jazz or Reggae that your new friends don’t share. You bought two tickets to the next thing you want to see.
Who should you go with? Cruise the website for your music taste or make a social and find your music mate.

Most of your friends are new parents

There’s no replacing old awesome and childhood friends, but you deserve a social occasion where children aren’t running around screaming and smearing custard on your new chinos.

You just enjoy meeting new people

Some people just like the thrill of having new conversations with people they have just met. I know I do! citysocializer can give your social life that extra little spark of excitement.

The new parent is you

What if you find that you’re the one with the kids, surrounded by childless folk who understand nothing of how you life is now. Our friendly 5 feature can introduce you to other people with kids who ‘get you’.

 You work weird hours

Shift work can be draining and no one who works a 9-5 will ever understand why you’re wide awake at 4 in the morning on  Tuesday.

You want to become a host

You don’t have to have event organising experience to host for citysocializer. As long as you don’t mind people flocking to you like a glorious beacon and meeting loadsa new people, you’re hired.

 ”why should you be a host?”

Feel like giving it a go? Just sign up on or download the app now!

Make sure to leave a comment. Don’t be a stranger. :P

This post was written by

Victoria McDowell

My passion is PR and I’m currently lucky enough to work for citysocializer; writing blog content and aiding in marketing. I devour Sherlock Holmes books and thriller films. Out and about you may find me at the Tate or with red wine.