7 Things To Do When Your Friends Are Settling Down Or Having Babies

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When your friends start settling down and having babies it usually gets harder to see them as much as you used to and spend time together. It can feel like you’ve lost them and that you now have nobody to hang out with when you want to. Don’t worry though, there are some things you can do to improve the situation and still find quality time to spend with them.

Remember Why You Became Friends In The First Place

This is where you need to start from. Remember all the great time you’ve spent together and why you became friends. They were there for you when you needed them and you were there for them. Maybe they don’t have as much free time any more but if you really needed them, wouldn’t they still be there for you?

Be Understanding & Accepting

Starting a family is a big deal for your friends. Chances are they are still adjusting and they are also missing you. Understand that the fact they can’t spend so much time together doesn’t mean they don’t want to, they just have more responsibilities. Accept that things might change but you’ll still be friends despite that.


Start new Traditions With Your Friends

Maybe your friends can’t go out partying all night. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together. Start a new tradition with them, like going over for dinner or movie night and hang out at their place. Become friends with their partner and arrange to all spend time together.

Create A Designated Boys/Girls Night

Everyone needs a break from their responsibilities. If your friends have small kids they may feel they need to be with them all the time. Suggest that they take a night off. Their partner can look after the kids and you can have a boys or girls night out. Make this a regular thing, maybe once a month and stick to it. It will be good for both of you.

Focus On The Positives Of Your Single Life

See all the free time your friends who are settled down or have babies don’t have? Well, you do. You have nobody else to worry about so the world is your oyster. Take this time to travel and do things you’ve always wanted to do, because when you decide to settle down you might not have the time either.

Focus On Your Hobbies

Going out is awesome, but what about that hobby you haven’t had time for for ages? Use some of your newly free afternoons to join a class, learn a new instrument or catch up on your favourite tv shows. You don’t have anybody calling you to spend time with them so focus on what you want to do.

Find New Friends

It’s true that your old friends are no longer free but there are so many single people out there feeling the same as you. Make some new single friends who also want to go out and have the time and the flexibility to do so whenever they like. Join organised groups like citysocializer and go out to meet new friends any day of the week.

Your friends settling down and having babies doesn’t mean you’re alone. You’ll always be friends with them but it’s a great chance to expand your social circle, find some new people and introduce some more variety in what you do in your free time.


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