Leeds City Square

9 Things You Learn When You’re New To Leeds

Fun Facts

If you just have moved here, we have some things you need to know when you’re new to Leeds.

1. The bread debate is strong

Is it a bap? Is it a bun? Is it a breadcake? Nobody knows but everybody thinks they’re right. Maybe it’s safer to point?

2. Chips are eater with gravy

It’s not disgusting, it’s delicious and for your own sake you shouldn’t claim otherwise.

3. You will be called petal or flower

No matter what gender you are, be prepared to be called these. It’s endearing, not offensive. Smile and nod.

4. Mind the accent but don’t make fun of it or try to imitate it

It may sound funny to you but that’s how they speak so it’s normal to them and you’re the funny one.


5. Paths are called ginnels

Just in case someone tells you to follow one through the park and you don’t know what they’re talking about.

6. There are a lot of festivals going on

These include film, music, literature, theatre, art, street food, gin, beer, cider, the waterfront, brass bands, even robots.

7. Hipsters. Hipsters everywhere.

Fancy beards, check. Top knots, check. Avocado on sourdough, check.

8. There is an Egyptian Temple

And no it’s not ancient. It was actually a flax mill and had sheep on the roof. No joke.

 9. It is actually cold

You should probably buy a coat. It rains, it snows and it’s freezing in winter. Be prepared

You are now ready for your new life in Leeds. We hope you enjoy your times and make lots of new friends in this great city!


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Kristine Tsiknaki

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