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New to citysocializer? Not sure where to start and what to do? You’re not alone. One of the most common questions people ask us is how to go about making the most of our site when they first sign up, so we decided to make this guide to help everybody out.


1. Complete your profile

It may seem self explanatory but we can not stress enough how important it is to take the time to fill out your profile. Add a profile photo so the other members know what you look like (you can not join socials without a photo). Make sure that people who see it are able to recognise you when you attend a social, otherwise they may not be able to find you on the day. Fill out your personal info and interests. This will help you find other people like you on the people page and you will be able to see what you have in common with other members when you message each other. Tell us your friend preferences. This will determine who you see and are shown to in the buddy up widget and the friendly five tools. If your info is not up to date you will not get the best possible friend matches.


2. Look for socials

You can see all the socials that are coming up in your city on the social page. You can filter by date if you have a specific day you are free on, category if you are looking for something in particular or check out what’s new (posted in the last 48 hours). Guestlists are locked until 48 hours before the social so you can only see the people going to the socials that are happening in the next couple of days. However, if you book on a social yourself all the information about it will be unlocked instantly. We recommend starting with a new member night as your first social but if there’s something else you want to join feel free to jump right in. Most socials will have a mix of new and regular members anyway so you’ll find plenty of people to hang out with.


3. Add new friends to your network

Citysocializer is all about meeting new friends, so growing your network on the site is very important. You can use the people page to find people who are like you, based on several criteria such as interests, age, relationship status, new members, most active, viewed your profile, from the same country, neighbourhood (currently only in London) and you can apply multiple filters at a time to narrow down the results even further. You can also add the people suggested to you in the friendly five and those attending the same socials as you. Once your network starts growing you will be able to use the network activity tab to see what your friends are up to, what socials they are going to, the photos they are uploading, the compliments they are getting and who they are adding to their networks. With more people in your network you will also have the ability to invite them along when you join a social and you will start getting invites when they join socials themselves.


4. Upgrade your account

Once you have seen a few socials you want to attend and have added a few people to your network who have invited you along to socials it will be time to upgrade your account and start joining socials too. There are a few plans you can choose from according to your needs and you can choose to be charged monthly or every 3 months. Picking a quarterly plan will save you money in the long term so think about that before you pick your ideal plan. You can read more on how subscriptions work in our relevant support section, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


5. Create your own socials

While you can still create your own socials as a free member, it’s usually easier once you have attended a couple of them first. Creating your own socials works best for people who want to meet other based on a specific interest that might not already exist as a social on the site. Doing sports, getting together for board games and pub quizes, starting a book club etc are some great ideas we have seen our members do and they have had success in the past. Hosting will also give you control over when and where you go out, something that is useful for busier people, who may have very limited free time.

This information should have you ready to start using the site right away. For any other questions you can always message Kristine and check out the other posts we have created here on the blog to help you out.

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