A Guide To Becoming Friends With People You Meet Online

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For better or for worse, we share a lot of information about us online. Our social media profiles are full of valuable info about what we like or dislike, our favourite music, tv shows, movies, food, what we like to do in our free time and so much more. Depending on the online network you meet someone, you will have access to a lot of the things that person has shared, and get to know a bit more about them.

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Ok, that’s the easy one. We post our entire lives on there, interests, info about where we have lived, what we studied, where we work, music we like, memes, cat videos (these are 80% of my feed) and our most personal opinions and thoughts on everything from food to politics. Looking through someone’s Facebook is all you need to know exactly what they are like.

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Ok so on Twitter, people will be sharing every single though in their heads. Take it with a pinch of salt as people try to sound smart, witty and funny on there. You will get a good idea of the other person though by seeing who they follow and what they retweet, which should be a good indication of their role models



A picture is 1000 words, right? Well, 1000 words with hashtags in front of them, to get more likes of course. Now check both the photos people share to see what they are most proud of in their lives (we share photos from socials because they are awesome) and also have a look at their their hashtags to see who they are trying to reach out to. Personal opinion: people who use the #travel and #foodie tags are the most fun to be around, as they will want to go out and do fun things.



This is pretty much a window to someone’s life. People who use it a lot are very open and bold and they love sharing their experiences with others. Now all you need to do is meet the people who share things that you will also like to do and you will be off to some adventure or other pretty soon.



So by now you should know how citysocializer works… You sign up, look around, add some people to your network, then see a social that you like, upgrade and go out to meet some new friends. So far so good. Now, you can of course leave it till the social to start talking to the other guests, or you can do some research beforehand and see what the people you are going to meet are like and increase your chances of becoming friends when you actually meet. Check out the interests they have picked to see what you have in common, then see what compliments they have received from other members to get to know what they are like as a person. When you meet, make a few jokes with those who are funny and discuss your latest trip with the ones who like travel for better chances to bond and become good friends in the future.

Want to know more tips on how to make friends? Here’s some ways to start a conversation with new people. And remember to join a few socials on citysocializer when you want to put these tips to good use.


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