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A message from our CEO


Dear all,

I’m so excited to welcome you to our brand new site and the next step in our mission to help people have more fun together and to make the world a friendlier, more connected place to be.

It’s been a long journey from my kitchen table six years ago to where we are today and we are as dedicated as ever to providing you, our loyal customers, with the best service possible.

The first thing you’ve probably noticed is the name change. CitySocialising is now citysocializer.

When we first named our service we didn’t spot the word “cialis” (a type of viagra!) sitting right in the middle of it. As funny as it is, this has caused all sorts of email problems, the most important one being that the majority of our members couldn’t receive the recommendations for socials they wanted, so we’ve had to make the decision to tweak our name.

But it’s not just the name and style that are new. Every bit and byte has been built again from scratch to ensure we have a flexible platform that allows us to keep growing and improving. Based on all your feedback our aim is to make it easier for you to access the stuff you love and have better control over the stuff you can do without.

This has been the biggest platform re-write since we began, so there may be some teething problems to start with. But, once these are resolved we can’t wait to excite you with new ways to use our service. In the meantime we ask you to bear with us and give us as much feedback as possible.

Thanks again from myself and the team for your trust, support, feedback and the fun you¹ve shared with us over the past six years. We hope we can continue to make you proud of being part of our network.

Best regards,

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Sanchita Saha

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CEO and Founder of citysocializer, passionate about the online to offline social networking space and enabling real world community and connections.

  • Ann Conmy

    Great new website especially with the expansion to new citys !

  • Ragunaru

    Hi David! Thanks for the kind words, very nice to hear you’re liking it! The new iPhone app is still in development but coming soon! Watch this space ;)

  • David S

    Hi, new site looks great, much cleaner and streamlined. How much longer until we see the new app for iPhone?

    • Sanchita Saha

      Not long at all David. Hope to have it (and mobile opt app) out in the next month or so..