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Announcing Our New Happy Snapper Badge!


Last year we introduced our badge feature, as a way for our most active members to get instant recognition on the site and show off as leaders of the citysocializer community. Just by looking through other members’ profiles you can tell if they have been hosting lots of socials and are experienced hosts, if they are actively going out to events as much as they can or if they are great at making new friends and you should add them to your network too.


Today we are happy to announce our brand new Happy Snapper badge for all of you who love taking photos at your socials and sharing them with the world. Every social that you now take a photo at will count towards unlocking the next level of your Happy Snapper badge and will distinguish you as the photographer of the group.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 12.00.42

And, if your photos are as amazing as the time you had at your socials, they can also get featured in our photo gallery, for all members to see and admire.

Want to unlock the badge right away? The head over to any of your past socials where you took a photo at and post it on the chat to earn the first level of your badge.


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Kristine Tsiknaki

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