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Have you ever wondered what are the best places to meet up with a new friend? Where do other people usually meet up and how can you make sure you will meet up with your friends at the best places you could pick? We always consider questions like that when we plan citysocializer socials so we wanted to get some input from people in the street, find out what they recommend and what they usually get up to when they meet up with their friends.

It was quite a big surprise when the majority of people picked the park as the best place to meet up with your friends over anything else. However, everyone had their own reasoning behind selecting a park to meet up with friends and we loved hearing about all of it. Picking a public place to meet up is not only good to meet up with your good friends, it’s also easily accessible to new people you may meet and it is a good place to start chatting to even more people and make even more new friends.

The park can also be a great place to just go by yourself and relax. Walking under the trees, roller skating, walking your dog are all great activities for someone to do on their own in the park but also to do with a friend, and money is not an issue. Walking in the park and talking helps you get to know each other better and you can also combine it with a fun activity, like playing football, running or even having a nice picnic.

In fact, doing some kind of activity when you meet up with new friends is quite popular and can become the basis of your friendship, as you bond through your shared love for the same hobby. Sharing each other’s hobbies is also a way to expand your horizons and try something you had not thought of before to see how you like it.

Following the park, the next most popular places to meet up with new friends were coffee shops, lounges and bars, depending on whether you’re meeting up during the day or later in the evening. Grabbing a coffee and having a chat is a good way to see how well you get along with someone new, discuss your interests and find out more about each other’s personality. Going out for a drink does make people more comfortable, the alcohol does tend to make most people feel relaxed and more willing to open up and get personal with their feelings and thoughts so it’s a good way to break the ice.

Going out to restaurants for a nice meal can also be a fun way to spend time with new friends. There is a structure to the evening so there are no awkward pauses and if you run out of topics you can always talk about the food. Who doesn’t love food anyway? Events and clubs are also good places to meet up and you can do that after going for dinner so you have a chance to talk first before going somewhere with loud music.

Finding a common interest and doing an activity that has to do with that was also quite popular as a place to meet up with new friends. If you love art you can visit an art gallery together, a gig is a good place to meet up if you both like the same band and watching a film or a theatre play is perfect to meet up for several reasons. The film or play will give you something to discuss and if you feel awkward at the start you can still be silent for the duration of it and then only chat after it’s finished. Events and clubs are also a good place to meet up as they tend to be activities which are more fun with friends so you and your new friend will be able to attend together.

If you are a bit more shy and enjoy reading a library might be a good place to meet up with new people, look at books and maybe borrow some based on each other’s recommendations. Reading a book a friend loves is a great way to get to know them better. You can also visit the bookstore together if you want to buy the book and keep it forever and you can arrange to meet up and go shopping together in general. Shopping is always better with friends, because you get someone else’s opinion on what you’re buying but you can also have fun by trying on silly outfits and laughing at the more extravagant items in store.

If you are tired of shopping, just walking around your city can be fun. You can explore a new area you don’t know well or let you new friend take you to their favourite neighbourhood when you meet up. Finally you can always meet up at each other’s houses, watch a film, play some games and just hang out. Seeing another person’s private space can tell you a lot about them so it will definitely help you get to know your new friend better.

Meeting up with new friends is always fun, there are so many things to do, fun activities to try out and lots of opportunities to bond. If you would like to meet up with some new friends, why don’t you try a citysocializer social? There are lots of fun activities already scheduled so all you need to do is pick something you enjoy doing, book on and just go meet up with a group of people who would love to make new friends.


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