CitySocialisers partying hard all over the UK

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So this weekend saw three CitySocialising parties taking place simultaneously in London, Manchester and Nottingham and boy did we see our CitySocialisers party hard with loads of new members turning up see what all the fuss is about (and they weren’t disappointed)! It never ceases to amaze me how sociable, friendly and lively our members are and the economic climate doesn’t seem to be slowing them down – London saw over 180 people, Manchester 70 people and Nottingham about the same all partying together in our trade-mark laid-back style - a record number of attendees.

The Leeds party last week was a great success too and our members in Brighton and Bristol getting ready to get down right sociable together this coming weekend. Spring is definitely in the air (although it’s just pelted it down with rain in London!) and people are gearing up for some fun fun fun.

I love going to our party nights as it’s a great opportunity to get ‘on the ground’ and talk directly to our customers to find out their loves, likes (and not-so-likes) about the site and service. It’s always a great way to get feedback but also an opportunity to let our members know how passionate we are about providing a good service for them and for them to know that there are some real live human beings behind this network…and that although these human beings aren’t perfect they’re certainly striving for perfection.

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