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Moving to a new city or re-launching yourself back onto the social scene can be daunting. Here at citysocializer HQ we love creating fun Socials where people can meet and mingle all over the UK.

We have hundreds of Socials going on every week across the UK for our members to take their pick from, but if there’s something in particular you want to do organising your own Social can be a great way of meeting people who love to do the same things as you.

If you fancy creating your own Social there are a few key things to remember. Firstly, think carefully about the venue. Find somewhere that’s relaxed to meet up with your group. Avoid a venue that’s noisy and boisterous – even if you’re planning a wild night out dancing, it’s always best to meet somewhere a bit calmer to kick the evening off so you can get chatting and break the ice. There’s nothing worse than having someone howl in your ear all evening over the din and then having to nod, smile and pretend you can hear them! Check out Beer In the Evening or Bar Chick for some great venue ideas.

Another key thing is to try to plan your event around a theme, like wine tasting, this will give you a talking point. If you’re not a drinker consider meeting up for brunch somewhere instead of dinner, and for a midweek treat why not arrange a quick lunch to break your working day up? Take a look at Good for Lunch.

If you’ve been feeling inspired lately to create an event and invite some other members along, but haven’t quite got round to it, here are 5 cool ideas to help kick you into action:

1. Try a new bar or restaurant that has just opened in your area. You can look for recommended UK-wide eateries on Great Little Place.

2. Big fan of cake? Who isn’t? What better excuse to organise high tea at one of the UK’s many fantastic cream tea establishments do you need? You can find a directory of the best here: Afternoon Tea Guide

3. Go to a special event. This could be anything from a great film at the cinema, drinks at the theatre, a gig, a comedy night or even the chance to check out an interesting museum. Our personal choice would be cabaret – it’s having a bit of a moment all over the UK right now: Cabaret.

4. Do something seasonal. An autumn walk, an afternoon spent holed up in a country pub, or a scout round the local market place for seasonal produce or Christmas presents, for example. Check out London Markets for one near you.

5. Try something extreme, or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but have never been – like inside Buckingham Palace or an afternoon’s rock climbing! You can find good deals on days out like this at Wowcher.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) go armed with something to say! If you’re worried about this, or need inspiration, take a look at our very own guide to starting a conversation with someone new.

Images Courtesy of;  Afternoon Tea Guide,  Buckingham Palace,  Hot Bar Chick

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