CitySocialising welcomes 50,000th member after launch of new platform

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CitySocialising, the real world socialising network for professionals today celebrated the 50,000th member joining the network just weeks after the launch of their new platform. CitySocialising CEO Sanchita Saha said:

“To have reached 50,000 members through viral means alone is a great achievement for the network. We made a conscious decision to grow organically in our first two years and, having spent nothing on marketing to date, we’ve been able to develop an incredibly loyal user base who have been out there spreading the word about us on our behalf. Now that we’ve developed a solid core of members, we’ve launched our new platform and are now ready to start actively promoting the network.”

CitySocialising is a subscription-based social network, with a focus on members meeting up to share interests and socialise together with like minded, local people in the real world. It is dedicated to the growing number of busy professionals who are seeking help online to organise their social lives offline.

Launched in London in January 2007, CitySocialising successfully replicated the model nationally within 9 months, rolling out to 11 regional cities around the UK and Scotland, including Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow. More recently, CitySocialising has expanded its reach to cover 7 further UK regions including Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff, Liverpool and Oxford and further expansion, both UK and internationally, is planned for the next 4 – 6 months.

Demand for the service has come from time-poor, cash-rich, 25 – 45 year old professionals who are relocating to new cities through work, city locals seeking to meet like minded others in the real world beyond their usual work/social circles and those in cities on business or holiday and keen to meet and socialise with locals. With a desire to spend on socialising, having fun and making the most of city living, CitySocialising serves this need.

In Feb 2009, in the midst of the gloomy economic climate, the social network successfully raised £260k of early stage investment from a syndicate of investors and management lead by the London Business Angels Network to complete the development of the new web platform, recruit further expertise to the management team and to initiate marketing efforts.

Saha commented:

“The long term value of the CitySocialising proposition was underscored by the fact that we have raised this investment despite the global economic crisis. Somewhat uniquely for an internet business, we’ve been generating revenues from almost the beginning and have therefore been able to expand quickly into additional cities through organic growth.

CitySocialising has proven to be an extremely valuable and relevant service to our members, which has resulted in us enjoying very high retention rates. This is firstly because of our real world, local and community focus. Secondly, we’ve identified a growing desire amongst professionals living and working in fast-paced cities with transient populations to meet others from similar socio-economic backgrounds, who share their interests and their desire to meet new people to socialise with.”

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