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The Paralympics has finally drawn the epic London 2012 summer to a close in a tearful round of applause. After an inspirational performance from all our athletes now the headlines are abuzz with chatter about legacy and UK sports. It’s got us at CitySocialising all fired up and thinking about how we could do our bit to promote team games, adventures and more through socialising. Sports are not only good for your health and confidence but a fantastic way to get out there and meet new people while trying new things and challenging yourself.

Even if you’re a bit of a couch potato or lacking in co-ordination, there’s no need to feel intimidated. Even a light walk in the park with some friends could be a great place to start!

Why not try some of these?

Go Ape

Fancy bringing out your inner Tarzan in a Tree Top Adventure down zip-wires, via swings and crossings amidst beautiful forest scenery? This one’s for you!






With leagues all over London for all standards this could be a great place to kick start your social life and meet some like-minded football freaks.

Rush Hockey

Do you love the rush of a team sport, but never find the time to commit to one? Then Rush Hockey is for you! You don’t need to gather a team yourself, just sign up and join an existing one.

Simple Netball

Remember those halcyon days when you played wing defence at school? That could be you again!







Involves a ball and someone running down a hill, and in our book that makes it a sport. Plus what could be more fun than living the ‘I’m inside a washing machine’ dream? Give it a go!

8th Day Adventure

They’re all about groups of people trying new things, making new friends and doing exciting things that scare you a bit in the process, from hiking to biking, kite surfing to climbing and sky diving there’s something for everyone to try.





Salsa Dancing

Ok, not technically a sport but a jolly good giggle and a fail safe way of making friends all over your city with a similar light-hearted attitude!

Indoor Golf

If all of the above sounds a bit too taxing then you could always try the rather more sedate option of indoor golf. Check out these great venues in Leeds and Manchester

And if you’ve read all this and still feel sports are not really your thing, then don’t forget you can always try a taxing round of Pub Golf

If any of this inspires you to get out there and see what you’re capable of, or helps you make new friends then let us know!

Images Courtesy of; 8th Day UK, Simple Netball League, Go Ape

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