CitySocialising’s national friendship survey reveals UK’s most trustworthy sex and cities

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London: Oct 2009. It can be difficult to know who to trust these days but the latest findings from CitySocialising’s nationwide study, which questioned over 5000 of its members (ABC1 professionals aged 25 – 45) in cities across the UK about their friendships, has revealed that:

• 48% of everyone surveyed admitted they had lied to a friend before, with women proving slightly more likely (49%) than men (45%) to have fibbed to a friend.

• Nottingham friends are the most trustworthy with only 20% of residents admitting they had lied to a pal before, followed by Birmingham where 71% said they had never lied to a friend before. Oxford folks were the most likely to have lied to a friend with over 66% admitting it in the survey.

• People in the north are more honest and upfront with their friends than those down south with northern cities including Leeds and Manchester accounting for the top five most trustworthy cities in the list, and Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, London and Oxford falling in the bottom five. The only exception being Sheffield, which also came in the bottom five, where 60% of those questioned stated they had lied to friends.

• Overall in the UK, 32% of those surveyed admitted having at some point fancied their friend’s partner. However, this average was outweighed by the response from men, 55% of which admitted they had fancied their friend’s girlfriend, compared to just 24% of women.

• The city to hold on to your girlfriend or boyfriend the tightest proved to be in Birmingham however, with 62% of people there admitting they had fancied their friend’s partner in the past. In Nottingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the divide was 50/50 – so every other friend in these cities are likely to take a shine to your paramour at some point.

• And to find friends you can trust NOT to lust after your partner head to Leeds and Newcastle, where only 7% said they had fancied a friends partner before, followed by Cardiff and Manchester (29%)

    Least likely to lie to a friend: Q. Have you ever lied to a friend? A. No

1. Nottingham (80%)
2. Birmingham (71%)
3. Liverpool (66%)
4. Manchester (59%)
5. Leeds (58%)
6. Bristol (54%)
7. Brighton, London, Newcastle (50%)
8. Cardiff (43%)
9. Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh (40%)
10. Oxford (34%)

    Most likely to fancy a friend’s partner: Q. Have you ever fancied your friends partner? A. Yes

1. Birmingham (62%)
2. Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow (50%)
3. Brighton, Sheffield (40%)
4. Bristol (36%)
5. Liverpool (35%)
6. Oxford (32%)
7. London (31%)
8. Cardiff, Manchester (29%)
9. Leeds, Newcastle (7%)

Sanchita Saha, founder of CitySocialising said:

“The study is an interesting snap shot of the behaviour of people towards their friends across the UK. Trust is an incredibly important aspect within any relationship and it’s surprising that half of us have lied to a friend before. However, I’d like to think that this is more about telling little white lies to save feelings as opposed to being two-faced or untrustworthy. I think women everywhere will be very pleased to know that it’s not so likely for your friends to fancy your boyfriend, but it’s the men out there that I would recommend to choose their friends carefully!”

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