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citysocializer: Five Apps To Encourage your iPhone Antisocial Behaviour

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One may argue that the models of social interaction that our parents brought us up on have been long terminated by the appearance of chat rooms, forums and other substitutes for face-to-face conversations, more and more we find ourselves turning to our phones, even when having the time of our life with our friends.

While the latter has probably already scored you some remarks about your anti-socialness (as some people just can’t leave you be), the truth is that having your face buried in your phone doesn’t necessarily speak of your anti-socialness. So, instead of judging this guilty pleasure of yours, citysocializer have found five ways to encourage it even further (until you can’t take it any more).


Rooted in the humanly instinct of disclosing your most personal secrets to random strangers in local watering holes, Whisper allows you to spill your own – and everyone else’s beans to the ever-listening internet audiences. While its creators insist on meticulously guarding your privacy – as long as you stay on top of your own heartfelt confessions, however, its “nearby” feature must also be taken into consideration, before boasting about having hots for your neighbour’s significant other.


Socializing at work can often be a real pain in the neck. If impersonal, two-minute exchange of pleasantries by the office water dispenser doesn’t seem to quite cut it for you, guess what? There’s an app for that! Anchor is the new Facebook to those bound by duty (or by salary) to the particular company to waste your precious working time on. You can’t, however, ban your boss from signing up to it.

Bathroom Stall

The walls of toilet cubicles have been one of the oldest platforms for unintelligible messages to future generations and love professions, often prompting sympathy or disapproval from fellow loo-goers. But, which one of us hasn’t found ourselves blind drunk and broken-hearted on a night out, with only the latrine for company? Well, now you can maintain the special bond with other wall scribblers minus the smell and the option of dropping your most cherished gadget to the toilet bowl.


Whether it’s the fit of your trousers or the hotness of your girlfriend, there are times when the brutal truth is much more appreciated than the sweet little lie, hence here’s another reason why swapping your friends for a smartphone has been your best decision yet. From polls measuring the cuteness of your cat (the cutest in the world? Please!) to mind boggling questions about the meaning of life; there’s a fat chance of going wrong with your question. Another interesting fact – the majority of askers are well in their 20s or even 30s.

Bang with Friends

OK, this is a bit controversial but, as far as the old adage goes, mutual interests are the cornerstone of most friendships. So what, if these interests are, well, a bit morally corrupt and the feelings you’re harbouring towards a mate – or a few, are a bit too explicit to be made publicly known! While definitely going for the “crudest of them all” title, the concept of selectively sharing some of your weirdest (and not necessarily physical) hobbies with people of your choice is praised for its potential by many industry experts. Apart from advertising your promiscuity, it will only reveal your real intentions to the other person only if they’re mutual. So your secret’s safe but setting the privacy settings straight probably wouldn’t hurt either.

So, how do these sound to you? Certainly worth killing a day (or a few) on, yet once you’re hit by the realisation that you might need some actual people in your life, our Citysocializer app might prove quite useful for the damage control. Oh, and it’s free – for an added incentive.

What are the most bizarre apps you’ve come across? Share them in our comments!

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