Citysocializer on Halloween – An Infographic

Fun Facts

Everyone in the citysocializer office is quite excited for Halloween and can not wait to dress up, go to socials and see all the costumes you guys come up with. There’s even a prize for the best costume at our official Halloween party (a free drink and a £20 amazon voucher).

The thing is, we could hardly wait for Halloween itself so we sent a survey to 2000 of our members in London, asking them what they were planning to dress up as, what their Halloween plans were etc and put together this little infographic below.

Halloween Infographic

Notable replies

Rebecca W who is hosting the Dark Circus party this year and has a gorgeous burlesque outfit in the making.

Alan, who will be wearing an English rugby kit because that’s a scary costume for a Welshman.

Rebecca N & her friends who dressed up as the Cluedo characters last year. That is cool!

And last but not least Amy who will be Alex from Clockwork Orange.


Hope we got you excited for Halloween now! Log in to the citysocializer to see all the spooky Halloween socials and more!


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