Social of the Month: Popup Pool Party!

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Want to know what happens when it’s too hot and we can’t focus in the office? We throw a pool party!

Things to do in London Pool Party

Last Thursday we decided to pick up and go to Hyde Park for a swim and some drinks by the lake. We booked the Serpentine Lido, sent out an email to all our members, posted about it on our facebook and twitter and that was that. Popup Pool Party sorted!

We had a swim…


…played some ball…


…chilled on the grass…


…made new friends…


and had a good laugh.


Then we headed off to the pub for some drinks!


All in all, it was a great day out! In fact, it was so good that we will make sure to repeat it very soon, so keep an eye out for the next event!


Make sure to check what’s happening this week and follow us on our social media for more pictures, updates and other fun stuff.

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Kristine Tsiknaki

Hey! I'm Kristine and I love writing about fun things to do in London. Check out my London and travel photography on instagram @DarcRose22

  • Arnie

    when it the next Poolparty planned for ? I missed the first one and am determined not to miss the next one :-)

    • citysocializer

      Not sure yet. But maybe Kristine can host another social that we just gather and go there dover the weekend for a swim without booking the whole place