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citysocializer Summer in the City: Embracing the Great Outdoors Within the Concrete Jungle

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It’s summer again and despite the moral obligation of making at least one camping trip to the Great British countryside, the prospects of testing the insulation of your sleeping bags and the weather-resistance of your patience don’t sound that exciting anymore? Let’s leave the indisputable signs of aging for another time, shall we? This week, here at citysocializer, we’re determined to introduce you to the glamorous and exciting side of spending the (supposedly) sunniest and nicest time of the year wedged between the concrete walls of your city.

Rooftop Cinemas
Apart from the shade and air conditioning to spare you some of that swelter, there’s little joy to voluntarily locking yourself away in the dark and soulless auditoriums of a movie theatre watching a flick not worth half a buck you’ve spent on it. Rooftop screenings, on the other hand, offer a handpicked assortment of cinema classics and all-time favourites, as well as independent films and even blockbusters. Keep an eye out also for pop up screens in parks and other outdoor locations for a great night out at the expense of the snacks you brought along.

Beer Gardens
There’s a certain charm to having a drink “al fresco”, even if it’s a couple cans of Stellas by the waterfront at night, but as we’re talking glamorous here, how many of you have really found a truly lovely place for enjoying your ice cold pints without fearing the impending prosecution for drinking in public? Outdoor drinking areas are not much of a novelty these days but how many of those actually qualify for the name of a garden? And thus, your challenge for the summer was born.

Last month, we asked you on our Facebook page to share your knowledge of the best lidos around the country and your answers made us believe that they’re still much preferred urban oasis for making the most of the months of above-zero temperatures. Whether you’re just looking for a quick dip or to soak up some rays avoiding the social bias against people sunbathing on their roofs (likely cultivated by rooftop cinema-goers), lidos can provide you a legit beach experience, minus the commute and the sandy beachwear.

Street Food
While one might argue the extravagance of stuffing your face with hotdogs trying to prevent its generous mustard topping from landing on your garments, there’s still a good reason why every self-respecting foodie should not miss out on one of the latest trends for dining out. Featuring London’s best food street food traders, the East London born event sees from three to five thousand people making their way to the Merchant Yard every week for the weekly Street Fest and other events with mouth-watering names such as Taco Wars, Ginstock and Ribstock. Just imagine how well it tastes in the open air!

Something we’ve missed? Let us know you favourite outdoor escape in the comments below.

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