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citysocializer takes a trip to Berlin

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What do you get when you take 25 citysocializer’s to one of Europe’s biggest party destinations – “an amazing time with so many different elements that sleep truly was for the weak” is the easy answer!

Starting off on Thursday night in the historic market area of Mitte/Alexanderplatz, we enjoyed welcoming everyone from their varying UK airports to one of Germany’s oldest brewpubs – looking right over the River Spree. After some great beer was consumed, fine pork knuckle eaten and everyone had the chance to meet each other, we ventured down the road for a couple and making it a fairly conservative 1am finish!

With our obligatory 3 hour walking tour taking place on Friday morning at 11am, we made sure we had a well thought out breakfast that kept us powering through a city wide search which took in everything from the Brandenberg gate, to the old palaces, the Berlin Wall and of course covered a lot of WW2 History. Friday afternoon lunch was very chilled with us breaking into a couple of groups to enjoy some tasty schnitzel’s while everyone else went to the markets for lunch, before heading off to East Berlin at night for a nice quiet one, i.e 6.30am was when we got back to our hotels!

Saturday again was really relaxed with everyone able to do their own thing – basically sleep or shop, while we all met for last night drinks and some well deserved gluhwein while enjoying the Xmas markets to the max!

To see photos of all the fun click here.

I think it’s safe to say after looking at the reviews that everyone had a really good time and the most enjoyable aspect really was meeting everyone and enjoying it together with other people up for a laugh.

“Thanks Jonny for organising such an awesome weekend and to everyone for making it such so special :)” – Chrissy

“Thanks for being the host par excellence Jonny. Was an absolutely brilliant trip. Thanks to everyone for making the lone ‘Guildford girl’ feel part of the crew xx” – Sarah

“Top place, group and entertainment!!” – Chris

“Top city, really enjoyed the German markets, food and bars. Had an amazing time, spent it with some great people. Really well organised & hosted by Jonny, who took us to the best bars ;-) Sad that it’s his last one!” – Laura

“Fab weekend! Thanks to Jonny for doing a great job of organising and everyone else for getting involved and making it such a great weekend! Come away with lots of stories and hopefully some new friends, roll on the next weekend away!” – Susan

“Thank you everyone for a wonderful time. Hoping Jonny will organize unofficial weekend away sometime near future!” – Koko

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