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citysocializer’s 7 Signs that Christmas has come early

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It’s approaching that holiday season and while citysocializer loves a reason to party, we are not quite ready to wish this year away. It is not Christmas yet. So while you are meeting new people with us, in whatever town you live in, stay down to earth and don’t be whisked away by all of these preholiday events:


They may try to disguise themselves as ‘Winter Markets’ but once you enter a place like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park you realize it was a thinly veiled sham.

Christmas songs

They have been filling our ears since the start of the month. In shops, cafes and supermarkets. Listen out for all the classics ranging to Wizard to Mariah Carey, and that’s quite a range.

The Christmas Lights

They were turned on at the start of November and while they are useful when illuminating our dark walk home, all these baubles and bells are just reminding us we haven’t done any Christmas shopping.

Christmas Confectionary

Chocolate is everywhere! Co-workers distribute crates of the stuff across work surfaces and shops dedicate whole isles to Christmas confectionery. The best products in our opinion are the ones that stay the same and have just been rebranded.


Lindt, those reindeer look suspiciously like rabbits….


From on ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and ‘Elf’, take out your Radio Times and earmark what you will be watching this season. (Hint hint: new Sherlock and Dr. Who). Don’t worry about missing ‘Love Actually’, it will be airing everyday.


What could fill you with the jolly sprit more than the Coca-Cola advert which aired this month.

NOW have opened their annual NOW Christmas channel which only shows Christmas music videos on a loop (channel 378 on your Sky Box)

And finally the Pièce de Résistance…

Red Christmas Starbucks Cups.

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