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citysocializer’s Five Childhood Inspired Activities That Will Make Your Summer

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Back in the carefree days of our adolescence, every summer was automatically bound to be a blast.  September was always too soon to come; but, boy, did we know how to make the most of those weeks of the sunshiny bliss.

However, with the fading memories of the petty summer homework assignments we’re also starting to have trouble remembering what exactly made this season the best time of the year (before ice-cold pints were even an option).

So, this week at citysocializer we’ve put our heads together to make this list of very simple (and affordable) seasonal activities you couldn’t resist as a kid – so why should you now?

Bicycles, skateboards, roller-blades and more

As passionately as you may have tried to defend your right for a moped to your parents once most of your friends got one, there was a time in your childhood when your mobility heavily depended on the performance of your own limbs.

They got you to places and taught you a craft or a few – like fixing a flat tire or lubing rollerblade bearings. Not to mention the friendships you forged purely through roaming new and wondrous places – much like in our citysocializer community.

Five-a-day (but nicer)

Believe it or not, but there were days when, instead of picking the £3 meal deal fruit salad with a plastic fork, the vital task of getting your necessary amounts of vitamin C not only appeared a lot less clinical, but was also accompanied by the lusciousness and juiciness that only in-season fruit can provide.

While a visit to the local market wouldn’t quite match up to the excitement of secretly foraging them from your neighbour’s garden, shopping for fruit in your local market not only will ensure the ripeness of those peaches and nectarines and sweetness of those watermelons but will also let you save a pretty penny on them.

Plant something

Watching something we’ve planted sprouting into an actual plant was an incredibly exciting experience of our childhood – before we learned the unlikeliness of us growing an actual orange tree in our back garden. Even if you’re wary of turning your windowsills into pocket-sized greenhouses, summer is the best time for all kinds of horticultural adventures.

Like fish in the water

Water pistols, garden sprinklers and hours-long paddling in your inflatable garden pool sounded like a paradise once, before becoming overshadowed by trivial concerns such as the waterproofness of your eye makeup or the damage saltwater does to your hair. The sea temperatures are yet to peak this year, leaving you about a month to dust off your swimwear.

Setting off on an expedition

Who doesn’t remember the excitement of planning a great and adventurous journey (with provisions!) to places like car graveyards or the weirdly coloured suburban creeks? Even if those destinations never quite matched your expectations, it was the build-up that made them all the more thrilling. The internet is flooded with tips and ideas for urban exploration in almost any city, so bottle up some courage and be prepared to discover the unseen urban underworld – without worrying what will happen when Mum finds out.

Which summertime activities do you miss from your childhood? Let us know in the comments!

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