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citysocializer’s guide to socialising like a Lady (hint – NO beer towers)

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Gentlemen’s clubs may well be a “thing of the past”, as claimed by our very own very PM and, as far as gender marginalisation goes, it is probably a delightful thing to hear. Yet, as much as we relish the fruits of the hard-fought emancipation battle, chances are that every now and then we find ourselves yearning for the days when there was more to socializing than trying to keep up with the boys in the local pub.

No, we’re not talking embroidery clubs or church ministries – although, by all means, feel free to join them, if you want. This week at citysocializer, we’ve drawn inspiration from some of our very own hosts’ socials for a guide to a truly classy (and well-behaved) ladies-only time.

Dare to indulge
If there’s anything we’ve learned from our all-girls socials, it is the fondness many of our citysocialistas have for lazy Sunday brunches, cupcakes and cocktails. While these activities might not exactly conform to your budget (or diet) plans, you couldn’t wish for a better excuse to treat yourself every now and then. Besides, you’re also a lot less likely to munch through a whole batch of cupcakes at £3 a go, than when having a dozen stacked away in your sweets cupboard “just in case”.

Be smart. And opinionated.
Before flinching at this self-evident advice – how many of you, ladies, have had to play down your intelligence so as not to embarrass someone you’re chatting too. It’s quite common for our mannerisms to change depending on the situation but if you’re trying to find a common ground with people you could potentially become friends with, your intelligence and wit is the last thing you’d want to shy away from.

Follow Up
So, you had a great time out with the other ladies recently but no other socials are coming up in the foreseeable future? Well, what would a real lady be without a capacity of throwing together a great dinner/afternoon walk or outing in just a friction of time! For additional tips and advice, check out our blog post on how to create, post and promote the perfect social.

Active and proactive
After work drinks socials are great for an instant socialising boost and exercising your social skills when striking up conversation with that guy at the gym or the girl you always end up sat opposite on your morning commute.

What do you enjoy the most about girls-only time?

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