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Citysocializer’s New Year’s Resolutions For 2017

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Here in the citysocializer office we believe in setting goals and working hard to achieve them. But even when we are out and about having fun, we still want to have something to look forward to so we set up some social goals to motivate us and encourage us to go out more and socialize. Here is what we have set as our 2017 resolutions.

1. Go to a new bar every month.

2. Visit a new museum or exhibition

3. Go on a tourist attraction we have not been to before

4. Check out a cool new popup

5. Try the cuisine of a country we have not tried before

6. Watch a live music gig of a band we like or attend a festival

7. Go to a salsa bar that offers dance classes early in the evening, learn the steps and then dance for the rest of the night

8. See a play on the West End

9. Sign up for a cooking or cocktail making workshop

10. Visit another UK city and go to a citysocializer social there

Obviously we can do most of these multiple times, since there are so many places to explore in London, but these are more of a general guideline to look back to when we want some inspiration about what to do in our free time and also when we create fun socials for you guys too.

You can be sure there will be plenty of the above as socials throughout the year so you can join in the fun too. Make sure to sign up and keep an eye out for the socials posted online and in our newsletter. Do comment below with your own resolutions and if there is something we can turn into a social for everybody we might just do it too!


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