citysocializer’s tips for hiding that Christmas Hangover

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We’ve all done it – stayed out that little bit past our bedtime and had to crawl into work the next day with a stinker of a hangover and a Pete Doherty-esque swagger – those Jager’s seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Plus now it’s officially the Christmas Party Season, it’s even harder to mask the smell of stale vodka and the awful bags under our eyes.

But citysocializer are here to the rescue. We’ve created this handy checklist for you to follow to ensure that your boss is none the wiser about the fact you’re repressing the urge to puke under your desk…

  • Are you still drunk?

Probably the most important question you will ask yourself – If you think there’s a possibility of you staggering around the kitchen or dancing on your chair to the sound of the switchboards, you answer is yes. Everyone deserves a duvet day, unless you were out with the boss now is the time to claim yours.

  • Have a good wash

Sounds obvious, but taking a good bath or shower in the morning can really help you to feel normal again. Cold water is a great way to reduce puffiness in the face and can bring you back to life again. Also, this will mask any smell of state beer! We’d recommend using a strong smelling zesty shower gel.

Water is your best friend today, so stock up on your way to work and keep drinking it through the day. It’s the best way to flush out those evil toxins!

Well at this point anything’s worth a try – “Oh We were meant to put them on BEFORE we started drinking… ooops.”

  • Grab a coffee on the way in to work!

Coffee may be the kick you need to kill (or at least postpone) this hangover, be sure to pick one up on the way to work. Taste of Manchester have written this great post about the best coffee shops in the city and with a coffee shop on every corner in London you won’t fail to find a place to refuel.


  • Get minty

After your coffee, your breath is probably hideous. Let’s face it, even before you had a coffee it was probably hideous! Get some mints on the go.

  • Have a big lunch

Hopefully you’ve made it this far. Resist the stodge that your body is craving you’ll only regret it later. Tossed are a fabulous chain of salad bars in London, but if it’s meat your after Byron Hamburgers is a good option and reasonably priced. If it’s quick and easy you’re after – you can never fail with a BLT Subway!


  • Ditch the Sunglasses

Only PDiddy wears them indoors. If you work with computers, then turn the brightness of your screen down slightly will work wonders for the looming migraine.

  • Get an early night

Back in the day, we might have been able to do a few nights on the trot. Not anymore! Get a nice early night in front of the telly, and see you later on in the week nice n’ fresh for a CitySocialising social!

We’d love to hear your hangover cures, however weird and wonderful – just write on our Facebook Page  or tweet us @citysocializer!

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