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citysocializer: Five New Ways To Rediscover Your City

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“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” –  Before dismissing commonly paraprashed Samuel Johnson’s wisdom as having zero relevance to your current whereabouts, think of the times you’ve woken up in the morning in your city with the dread of making down the same streets and passing down the same landmarks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wedged like a sardine into a rush hour train or passed out after a pint too many on a night bus.. It’s routine you’re fighting and, as long as quintessential commuting goes, we thought we’d offer a couple alternatives to consider before you start browsing for retirement properties in Cornwall.

The back (or front) of a bike

Credit where it’s due; this idea was thrown to us by one of our very own Citysocializer hosts – the prospect of ingesting excess amounts of dust riding down East London’s country roads AND gaining a new perspective of some of the capital’s main tourist attractions (while fearing for your dear life) certainly sounded like a lifechanging experience to us. As long as you stay on the back of that bike, that is.

Take it to the water

While hardly a permanent fix to the public transportation nightmare, if anything, swapping your daily bus journey for a paddle down your city’s natural or artificial waterways is bound to be quite a refreshing change. In case you’re still unsure, check out this guy here who seems to be absolutely  rocking the “kayaking to work” concept. Plus, it made him a face of Philip’s advertising campaign, so lose some of that scepticism now.

Eyes to the ground

As far as underrated beauty goes, according to most tourist guides it’s just a matter of lifting our eyes to encounter astonishingly beautiful architecture features that our routine-fatigued eyes often fail to notice. However, the same transformation happens to the grey and unremarkable road surfaces our feet touch every day, as soon as the latter are challenged with stability issues. Or, to put it nice and simple – try strapping a pair of roller skates to your feet and navigating the maze of cracks and kerbs of your all-too-familiar streets.

Up in the air

From Monmartre funiculair to Emirates Air line, more and more cities provide opportunities for airborne travel that are as much about entertainment as getting you to places. Even ziplines, which are already used by schoolchildren in Colombia to spare them the hike to school and a recurrence in many urban architects’ visions of the solving the ever-present traffic congestion problem. How’s that for a little adrenaline rush?


Parkour may be so 2000s but, as demonstrated to us by one of world’s best bosses and his partners in crime, parkour is not only a completely acceptable method of taking onto painfully familiar routes but also absolutely do-able while dressed in the best of your suits. Let your imagination run loose and you might not only significantly shorten your overall commuting time but also take your revenge on some office furnishings and your secretly loathed workmates’ vehicles. There are no limits, really.

What do you think is the best way for discovering a new and exciting side of your city? Let us know in the comments below!

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