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Dogs Occupied Citysocializer HQ In Protest This Morning!

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You may have already read on TechCrunch that dogs took over our office today in protest to our changes in the friendship industry.

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The #DogsOccupyCS Movement seemed to be particularly alarmed at the fact that people who were new in town or were looking to make new friends looked to citysocializer to meet new people and go out. This came in direct contrast to the previous human behaviour of adopting a dog or a cat and have them as their new best friend. The Movement’s leader Charles Cavaliere wanted to claim back the title of ‘Man’s Best Friend‘ for all canines.

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Even the Cat Collective’s leader, Ginger Purring  declared the cats’ support to the dogs’ cause as they seem to blame us for the decline in crazy cat ladies in the recent years. They even offered free dog treats to the protesters, which I tried and they were actually quite high quality.

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Recent technological developments, which have removed the buttons from mobile devices, have made it impossible for pets to operate any of the modern tablets. As a result pets have been feeling left out and only able to use the remote control to change TV channels while their owners went out. Since citysocializer has been providing an increasing number of people with a new way to socialize and go out, even more pets are left home waiting alone.

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While we were always aware of our ever growing community, I guess we had not considered the dog’s point of view before. I personally assured the protesters that had they sent me an email through support I would have tried to solve the issue as soon as possible, but as it turns out most of them were not familiar with the use of an email service and seemed increasingly worried as to wether I had trapped a tiny postman inside my computer.

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Eventually around midday I managed to find a bouncy ball and used it to distract the dog guarding the door. While he was busy chasing after it, the team gained access to the office and demanded to start some form of negotiations with the dogs. Charles had to accept this reluctantly, as most of his supporters really wanted to take a break and go pee, as they had given up their morning walkies to be here on time. I had also managed to convince some of them that we all loved dogs and we would never do anything to upset them. The belly rubs I offered them also helped to change their opinions.

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Once the negotiations started, Sanchita and Charles were having a heated discussion. Some loud barks were heard as our founder was not prepared to leave the people of our community without a cool service to meet new friends and the dog leader was unwilling to compromise. During that time I noticed Zack being on the phone with his wife and I knew he must have had a plan. Indeed, soon after, Chelsea, Zack’s canine best friend arrived at the office to help out with the negotiations. Since she and Charles were distant cousins, Chelsea became the perfect ambassador for citysocializer.

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In the end the #DogsOccupyCS Movement and citysocializer agreed to the following terms:

1. All future socials have to be pet friendly (subject to the social venue’s policy).

2. People who have been cruel to animals will be permanently banned from the site.

3. Citysocializer will provide links to pet rescue shelters to people who have not managed to make at least 10 new friends within 6 months of the day of upgrading their accounts.

4. During day trips, picnics and other outdoor socials, all attendees have to stop and pet any passing pets (after getting the pet’s consent).

5. Regular visits to the Cat Cafes will be scheduled.*

*Term suggested by the Cat Collective

I believe this has been a learning experience for both the citysocializer team and the dogs involved in the protest. It’s important to keep channels of communication open and listen to all the feedback we get, even from our pets. Now, if you would like to get your own pet you can have a look here, or to find some cool socials to go out just go on our website.


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