Easter Instagram Competition

Things to do

Doesn’t everyone love Easter, or at least the extra long weekend? We certainly do and really hope all of you have a fabulous time – whether that’s Easter egg hunting, having picnics in the park a bank holiday night out, or anything in between.

Which gave us an idea. We’d love to see what fun, pretty or hilarious things you do on a weekend like this. After all, we share all of our favorite times with you too. That’s why we’ve created a hashtag on Instagram for you guys. Look under #citysocializer you’ll be able to see what our team and fellow citysocializers are up to - We couldn’t help ourselves, we posted a couple of our own images already.

And because it’s Easter, we decided to give away a little present. We didn’t want to be too cliché and just give away chocolates, you’ll have had plenty of that anyway. So we’re picking our favourite out of all the pictures received between 26-03 and 2-04 to win a delicious Fortnum&Mason hamper - and for the rest of you – our everlasting appreciation and chance to show off your long weekend.

So keep your camera close, open Instagram and start using #citysocializer.


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Lucy Cullen

Communications Manager, Gin Lover and Chief Blogger for citysocializer. Mainly blogging about the best ways to meet new people, discover your city and make the most of your free time.