Facebook criticised by Archbishop


It was interesting to read the Archbishop’s comments yesterday in The Sunday Telegraph about MySpace and Facebook leading young people to seek “transient” friendships, with quantity becoming more important than quality. Read the full article here

Miles from our team was called on to take part in an interview on BBC London with Lesley Joseph (from Birds Of A Feather) to discuss this topic and we wholeheartedly agree with Archbishop Nichols’ comments that society was losing some of its ability to build communities through inter-personal communication, as the result of excessive use of texts and e-mails rather than face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. He said skills such as reading a person’s mood and body language were in decline, and that exclusive use of electronic information had a “dehumanising” effect on community life.

CitySocialising’s mission has always been to get people out from behind their computer screens and into the face-to-face social fire. We’ve always believed that true friendships are forged in the real world, not in cyberworld and, although the internet is a fantastic tool, ideal to facilitate initial connections with like minded others, it’s the offline social interactions that are of most importance and that lead to genuine friendships.

More and more so, there is a sense of community that is disappearing in the real world, particularly in cities and urban areas. Where Facebook and other social networks are all about fostering communities they are in effect very ‘singular’ communities where people are interacting all the time, but whilst alone at home. CitySocialising’s ethos is based more on the traditional ideas of community, defined as “a group of interacting people living in a common location“, where our members can meet new friends near to where they live and work and socialise together locally too.

There’s no debate over the fact that real world friendships lead for a much richer and valuable experience than online friendships can ever provide.

Click here to listen to Miles’ interview with Lesley Joseph on BBC London.

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