Forget Blue Monday. It’s time for Yellow Tuesday.

Fun Facts

Short on cash, broken your resolutions and feeling run down?

There’s a day for that: Blue Monday.


Blue Monday, the third Monday of January and according to many the most depressing day of the year, is a concept created back in 2005  as part of holiday company Sky Travel’s marketing plan. It used a pseudoscientific equation to calculate the time since Christmas and since breaking your new year’s resolutions as well as stress and motivation levels, money left and the weather.


Let’s be honest, any calculations involving the weather here in the UK are bound to come out depressing. To have a more realistic calculation we would have to add our love to complain about the weather as a counter force and balance it out.


We decided to be a bit more radical and scrap that equation completely and employ some positive thinking instead. In the spirit of lot of motivational quotes, it takes an action to turn things around. So we at citysocializer are leaving Blue Monday behind and instead embracing Yellow Tuesday.

What is Yellow Tuesday?

In a nutshell, it’s the day when we take a look around us, see where we are and feel happy for what we have achieved. Then we go out and give someone a compliment, put a smile on their face. Why stop there, put a smile on as many faces as possible.

No money?

Maybe but we spent it having fun, getting all the cool gadgets we wanted and giving our loved ones presents. Worth it!

Too cold outside?

Perfect time for a house party. We also have sound information that all pubs and bars have their heating on. If you’re lucky maybe even a fireplace.

Broken your resolutions already?

The year is not over. You can cheat and start again at the Chinese new year or read our advice on setting a few more realistic resolutions. Or make your resolution not to set any resolutions at all and just do what you want for a year.

Want to go out more and meet new people?

Come on. We are citysocializer after all. If we can’t do that, then what? Just look at all the February socials!


Now go make a hot cup of tea or coffee or whatever your favourite drink and offer one to the person closest to you too. Tell someone their top looks good on them. Say a few more thank yous and well dones. And smile.

Remember, even when things seem blue you can always flip them round. We should know, we are already yellow.


This post was written by

Kristine Tsiknaki

Hey! I'm Kristine and I love writing about fun things to do in London. Check out my London and travel photography on instagram @DarcRose22