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Get on your bike; upcoming cycle events in London and beyond

Things to do

A passion for pedalling has always been prevalent – try saying that quickly. London’s roads are chocca with everything from recumbent bikes to unicycles. So it makes sense that there are many events to honour these ingenious machines and citysocializer are here to walk you through them some of the best – so to speak.

Alternative cycling

Everyone who lives in London knows what a Borris bike is, but do they know where they can hire a recumbent bike? Battersea Park hires an adult one for 10 pounds an hour. They call them Banana bikes, we think mainly because they’re yellow. You steer them simply by leaning into turns and because you are low to the ground the speeds you reach seem frightening. In a good way. If you still want to pedal but a recumbent bike doesn’t strike you, might we still suggest Battersea Park for its excellent pedalo lake that boasts a sunken boat, plenty of wildlife and the view of a manor house.


Charity Cycling

Whatever your motives may be for cycling, whether it’s enjoying a sense of freedom, fitness or thrill – why not can channel your passion into something social where you can meet new people. Organised events are dispelled throughout the country and are just waiting for keen cyclists to take advantage of them! So grab your helmet and let’s roll. If you’re feeling very adventurous ‘Doitforchairty’ organise a 13 day cycling trip around Vietnam that will delight your wonder and explorative nature. If you haven’t been to this wonder of the world already, then it should be on your bucket list.

For more info: www.doitforcharity.com

Or if you’re not feeling quite so brave but would love discover a new city by bike. How about Paris the city of love, lights and the Louvre? ‘LondonParisBikeRide’ will take you where you want to go. This is a five-day adventure that will not only test your calves and resolution but will be an incredible shared experience. Do it as a charitable cause so that everyone can make a fuss of you and Bob est ton oncle.

For more info: www.londonparisbikeride.com


Festive cycling

It’s not Christmas yet. Thank gosh. However, SPIN London is giving you avid cyclists something to look forward to during the season to be jolly. They have collaborated with the London Coffee Festival (and made an amalgamation of their names) in order to host the event ‘SpinXLCFXmas’! The Yard in Shoreditch will play host to this event regaling its attendees with the finest coffee from around the globe, affordable art, live DJ’s, draft beer and hot food in their heated winter beer garden. Bikes and jolly folks are more than welcome.

For more info: http://www.spinlcf.cc/



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