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Hear it from the hosts: why host for citysocializer?

Tips for Hosts

Whenever we hear from citysocializer members thinking about  hosting their own days and nights out but haven’t quite got round to it yet, we tell them how easy it is, how it’s the best way to meet people into the same things and the easiest way to do more of the stuff you like.

But if you’re apprehensive about taking the first step, don’t think you’re the right ‘type’ of person to host, or would just rather leave it to someone else, you don’t need to take our word for it. We’ve put it to our fantastic hosting team, the friendly faces that welcome you at socials and organise the best happenings in your city to tell us what they think are the main benefits of hosting and what they say to anyone thinking about becoming a host:

Jess W, Cardiff

citysocializer member Jess

It’s a win win situation. If you’re new to an area, by hosting you have the power to go and see places you really want to see but didn’t have the chance before, or didn’t want to go on your own. At the same time as building up a base of friends you also get to explore your city so much more than you would have on your own. It’s a massive confidence and self esteem booster too and looks really amazing on your CV as it shows organisation and networking skills which so many companies value.

Jody Q, Glasgow

citysocializer Jody

From my point of view it’s pretty scary that you’re in charge of how a social goes, but on the plus side, you get to automatically meet all the people who attend without the pressure of having to go and introduce yourself cold.  You’re the host and everybody aims for the host! Introducing people to each other and trying to bring up things they might have in common helps you to get to know them yourself but without the pressure. And of course everybody gets to know you and remembers your name, so you’ll rarely go to a social where you don’t know a soul.

Amy D, London

Amy D

You get to do things you enjoy with a bunch of people and share the things you like. I like it because on member socials I meet all sorts, and on host socials I meet people into the same stuff as me. It’s a great balance.

Katherine M, Newcastle

citysocializer kat

You get more choice and likelihood of meeting people with similar interests. Hosting also gives you confidence in speaking to other members and getting your name known – soon acquaintances can become great friends. 

Jeff G, Reading

citysocializer jeff

If you want to attend a particular event or type of event and no-one else is hosting it, hosting it yourself guarantees you get to take part! Plus if you host an event you’ll attract other people that want to do the same things as you, and therefore they are likely to be the kind of people with whom you’re likely to form a lasting friendship.

Susan M, London


I’ve encountered a few people who say it’s not always easy to find socials that interest them, I usually ask them what they like doing and what kind of social they’d organise, if they were to host one! Once they tell me i just encourage them to go ahead and do it and to search for friends with the same interests who might enjoy their social. Go for it, as it’s the best way to meet people with the same interests.

Vikki T, Cardiff


I have had people messaging me asking this question. Simply lead by example and enjoy it, they will then follow suit. If they see that you enjoy what you do and you tell them that you have complete faith in them being able to host an event too, more often than not, they will give it a go.

And if you need some more practical info on how to start hosting your own socials, have a look at our tips for hosting great socials and you’ll be on your way to becoming a great host.

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Lucy Cullen

Communications Manager, Gin Lover and Chief Blogger for citysocializer. Mainly blogging about the best ways to meet new people, discover your city and make the most of your free time.