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Host Tales – Hosting Your First Social

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So you’ve gone and become a citysocializer Host. Well good for you!

Now you’re at your first social of which you are ‘the host’. You got there 15 minutes early, placed the sign and are currently waiting for your guests.


Ok, now things will really get cooking. And the first guest is… is…. Is? Just relax and be patient. 

7:01, 7:02, 7:03…

This clock is way too slow! Oh, someone’s here! It’s.. it’s… Oh, it’s just the liquor promoter. Never mind.

Ah! Your first guest. Arriving fashionably 20 minutes late, of course. Should have thought of that really.

“Hi, How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“Had any trouble finding the place?”

“Not really.”

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The 2nd guest is here. And the 3rd… 

Things are going swimmingly now. Soon you’re a few drinks in, all done with the obligatory first meet social interactions:

‘What’s your name?’ ‘Where are you from?’ ‘How long have you been here?’ ‘How do you like NYC?/Wow, you’re from here, you must know everything about new york city?!’

The 4th and 5th guests arrive

This is your chance to catch your breath, refresh your memory and really get it all ingrained.

‘What’s your name?’ ‘Where are you from?’ ‘How long…’ etc.

Here’s Marie and Joseph from a few previous gatherings, haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks.

‘So how about we make it a crawl?’

‘I know two bars near here that are great, and one I’ve really been wanting to check out since I saw It on Twitter, has to be great! Oh wait, Yessenia and Alexis are on their way. We’ll wait for them first.’

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How well the night has gone!

Met some nice new people, 5 from Europe, 2 from Middle East, 2 from Africa and 2 from the United States.

‘Which station are you headed to? I’ll walk with you’.

‘No way, you went to the same high school as the waitress on Jessica Alba’s movie 3 years ago?’

‘You went to every Shake Shack in NYC in one weekend? Oh no you didn’t.’

‘When are you coming again? On Sunday’s event in Williamsburg? Great, we’ll stay in touch!’

And thus ends another simple but pleasurable citysocialzer social.

See? It wasn’t so hard. All you’ve got to do is try it.

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This post was written by

Scott Prater