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New Year’s Eve always involves so much pressure to have a good night. Club nights are getting more expensive, and restaurants are booking up quicker than ever! Let’s be honest – you can have a better, and cheaper night hosting your own gathering!

So to help you take the matter into your own hands, and host your own NYE Party we’ve put together these top tips for welcoming in 2013, citysocializer style!

  • The entire evening doesn’t have to be hosted at your home. You might want to head into town after midnight, or perhaps arrange for a table down at your local for everyone to head to after a champagne. Just be sure you are not en route to somewhere when the clock strikes midnight!
  • With most of the sales already starting this week, keep an eye on some bargains. Bucks fizz, mixers and table decorations will all be going at bargain prices. There’s some great decorations on this Pinterest board by Courtney Whitmore
  • Choose a theme to spice up your evening. Perhaps ‘Best of 2012’; which would give your guests plenty of scope from Olympic gold medallists to South Korean pony dancing pop stars.
  • You don’t have to hang balloons and paper streamers all over the house to prove you’re having a party. Dim the lights, light candles, and hang red or white Christmas lights around your home to create a party ambiance. Complete the look with a red table cloth and red poinsettia (which is bound to be on sale!) and the mood will be set for an evening of entertainment!
  • If it’s more of a dinner party or intimate drinks, get an interactive game going by asking everyone to answer questions like ‘What’s your biggest regret of 2012?’ ‘What is your one wish for 2013?’ or ‘What was your highlight of the year?’
  • Why not play Come Dine With Me, and ask everyone to bring a dish along. You could even do it anonymously and asking people to rate the dishes at the end of the night for a small prize. Everyone loves a competition element!
  • Jools Holland’s Hootenanny is as much a tradition as getting blind drunk – so why not combine the two? We’ve found this awesome Jools Holland drinking game which includes the rules “Drink when Jools describes an artist as legendary, fabulous or wonderful.”
  • Get your music sorted, with A Spotify subscription for the evening. You could make a collaborative playlist with your friends so that everyone can add the tracks they want to hear. Alternatively, there are plenty of playlists on Share my Playlists like this Best of 2012 one:
  • Learn the words to Auld Lang Syne! It’s a novel idea and everyone will be shocked that someone actually knows the middle verse. Practice with the song and lyrics here.

Images courtesy of; PSY (Gangnam Style), New Years Eve and Jools Holland

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