How to create the perfect social: a step by step guide

Tips for Hosts

 Always seen those bright and shiny socials on the citysocializer site and thought…

I could do that and do it better!


Well now is YOUR chance to be the host/hostess you always dreamed of.

Your social should represent your interests, so whether it’s a night out on the town, an afternoon at the cinema, or brunch at your favourite restaurant – post a social and members with similar interests will join you! 

Here’s your guide on how to create the perfect social quickly and successfully…


1. Pick An Awesome Headline!

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.51.42

Make your social title stand out – think of a catchy slogan or create a brand for your socials e.g. Rob’s Rockaoke, Eat around Exeter…

2. Choose Your Categories

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.53.09

Categories are there for members to filter the socials by if they so choose to, so make sure you add yours! You have two to choose from so pick those which suit your social best. For example if your social is After Work Drinks at the pub, Drinks and Food are the best as your guests are likely to grab a bite as well.

3. Write An Interesting Description

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.59.22

This is your time to turn into a social Shakespeare. Sell the members your social story, make them want to join you (they probably will anyway but it’s fun) and you’ll see those RSVP numbers fly. The challenge – you only have 500 letters to do it in.

4. Set Your Location & Venue

Screenshot 2015-08-14 13.01.48

The location needs to be set to the city you’re from (for it to show in your cities social list). If you’re hosting a trip to another city set the location to the trains station in your city otherwise your social will appear in the city you’re travelling to instead of yours.

When you start typing in the Venue box, you will be shown a list of venues matching your search. Select the correct one form the list, or if it doesn’t exist add it here and it will appear shortly.

Don’t know your venue yet? Not to worry. Simply select the box next to “I’ll confirm the venue later”

5. Add The Date & Time 

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.59.20

6. Add Any Meet Up Details

In the social form you will see a clickable sentence like this

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 17.09.24

When you click on this it will open this section:

Screenshot 2015-08-14 13.09.07

a. Pick a meet up venue 

Meeting at an alternative venue? Tell us which one. Again just start typing and you will be shown the selection of venues matching your search – choose the one you’re heading to.

b. Add additional meet up notes

Let our members know where you will be meeting them, how to find you, what to look for on arrival – think of it as arranging a night out with your friends; you wouldn’t want them left out in the cold now would you?!

(We advise providing as much information as possible so members feel happy and comfortable attending your social).


1. Max Number Of Guests

Tell us how many people, including yourself, you would like attending your social. You should use this if you need to make a booking ie for dinner. Otherwise just leave it blank and watch them flood in!

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.29.06

2. Other Preferences

We always advise that you invite everyone to your social to make it the best possible citysocializer experience it can be BUT if you do want to add preferences such as girls only or a certain age range that is completely up to you.

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.22.33

3. Ask A Fun Question

Go onnnn! You know you want to. Find out what our members attending your social are interested in. E.g. Having a cocktail night out – ask them what their favourite cocktail is! citysocializer IS a social site after all :)

Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.29.04


Screenshot 2015-08-14 12.33.14

Go on! Push that big yellow button…. AND YOU’RE DONE!

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