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How to create, host and promote the perfect social

Tips for Hosts

Anyone can create and host a social, it’s easy. But here we wanted to give you some insider tips from the experts (well we do organise over 150 days and night out a month), so that you can get the most from your social and meet loads of new people that are into the same things as you.


Pick the right place – sounds obvious, but it’s half the battle deciding where to go. Pick somewhere you know and enjoy!

Think of a good title for your social – make it stand out & make people want to find out more.

Be detailed but not overwhelming – let guests know what to expect without overwhelming them.

Make sure you have a nice, clear profile picture – makes it easier for people to spot you at the social.

Specify who the social is for – you can specify parameters for age, gender and orientation, so if it’s a girly cocktail evening your after, the boys can’t RSVP. You can also control how many people can join – if it’s a “more the merrier” affair leave this field blank.

Get the conversation started – the event wall is a great place to introduce yourself and find some common ground. It’s also a good way to keep people engaged with your event in the run up to your socials.

Account for cancellations – hopefully if any of your guests have to cancel they will let you know (you should encourage them to do this) however take into account that there may be some no shows on the day.


Send Messages – use the People page and filter by the category of your social to find people in your city who might be interested in joining your social – then invite them along with a friendly message.

Personalise your messages – it’s great to make as many people as possible aware of your social but if you receive a generic “spammy” message you’re much less likely to reply back than to one that’s a bit more personal – so take the time to include first names.

Invite your friends who haven’t discovered citysocializer – you can share the post on Facebook or just email the URL to your friends.


Reserve an area in advance – so there wont be any last minute surprises on the day or night.

Arrive early – there’s always one person to turn up early and you’ll want to make sure that your area has been reserved.

Print a citysocializer sign for the table – if you haven’t met some of your guests before or hosting somewhere you think is going to be particularly busy this could be a lifesaver!.

Make introductions – it’s your role as host to make sure everyone feels welcome, get the conversation flowing between guests.

Don’t feel pressured – make sure you enjoy yourself and don’t feel like you have to stay out all night, if some of your party want to move on to a nightclub after a few mojitos, it’s fine for you to leave them to it.

So there you have it, if you read this post to the end you’ve consumed all the knowledge we have and are effectively a hosting expert yourself. There’s no time like the present to create your own social – good luck, let us know how it goes over on our Facebook page.

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Lucy Cullen

Communications Manager, Gin Lover and Chief Blogger for citysocializer. Mainly blogging about the best ways to meet new people, discover your city and make the most of your free time.

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