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How to Find a Job When You Move

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How to Find a Job When You Move

Having a job ready and waiting before you move is the ideal situation but sometimes it’s just not possible. If you are adventurous enough to tackle life in a new city while existing on your savings, then finding work is your first priority.

At Unpakt, we know a lot about moving and the key to successfully finding a job after you move is to come up with a plan. Follow these tips to help you land a position shortly after you relocate to a new city

 1. Location, Location, Location…


Some employers look closely at the address of their applicants to check for proximity to the office, so you’ll want to live near your ideal place of work. Not to mention, it’s to your benefit to look for work near your home as this limits your commute time, and increases your free time – and trust us, you’ll want plenty of free time in your new city to explore and meet new friends.

2. Start Networking


Networking is regarded as one of the most helpful ways to land a job, but if you have moved a far distance, it might seem difficult. Start by asking your friends to put you in contact with any relevant business associates in your new city. Then start meeting people with similar interest as you by joining a professional group in your field or a charity organization you’re interested in. This will allow you to make friends and contacts with people who have similar interests as you and is the best way to expand your personal network and get leads for jobs.

 3. Get Your Search Fingers Ready


Fortunately, we live in an era of hyper-connectivity, so take advantage of the opportunities that are available online. Search the online job boards for jobs in the area based on your industry and skill level. In addition to online job boards, you can use LinkedIn to find people in your industry to reach out to. Most industries have free-to-join groups on LinkedIn, which is a great place to find an initial circle of contacts

4. Use Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agency

When you use recruitment agencies, you don’t have to go about everything on your own. Recruitment agencies act as a middleman between you and the employers in your industry. If you have specific skills and experiences, search for agencies that specialize in them.

It might take a little extra effort to find a job in your new city, but it will be worth it in the end to be able to live in the city of your dreams.

When you start planning your next move, don’t forget to check out Unpakt to compare multiple moving companies, read real customer reviews and book your move online, day or night.

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