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Bristol is a great place to live, in fact lots of young people move there from other cities like London because they love the city itself and the quality of life there. However, moving to a new city means not knowing anybody and all the newcomers wonder how to make friends in Bristol. The good news is that meeting people in Bristol is quite easy and the people who already live there are very friendly.

Join a sports club

People in Bristol do love their sports and take part in lots of sporting activities, making it a great way to meet people and make friends in Bristol. This is a good directory of sports clubs to give you some ideas. As soon as you join a team you will start meeting people in Bristol and making friends. Just remember to be open and friendly and let the team spirit of the sports to do the rest of the work.

Attend live music gigs

Live music is pretty big in Bristol and it’s a great way to make friends in Bristol. Pick the type you like from all the gigs happening in Bristol and go to them. Once you’re there, talk to the other attendees and start getting to know them. There’s a good chance they are regulars and go to more gigs like that and you already have a common interest. Don’t hesitate to let them know you’re new and looking to make friends in Bristol and ask if they have any recommendations and if you can go along with them.

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Join a socializing group

Bristolians are always happy to invite new people out for a drink and joining a ready make group is an fun easy way to make friends in Bristol. Citysocializer has many groups of new people looking to meet new friends so all you need to do is just book on a social of your choice and turn up for a good night out.

Become a regular at your favourite pub

Bristol is a great place to have a ‘local’ as a lot of people tend to have their favourite pubs, so you will soon start seeing familiar faces. Meeting people regularly at the same place is a great way to make new friends, because you already fit into each other’s routines and all you will need to do is sit at the same table and have a chat. Do say hello to people you start recognising and have a chat over a few pints and you’ll be making friends in no time.

Attend the local festivals

Bristol has a lot of events going on, especially in summer. From the well known International Balloon Fiesta to a Shakespeare festival, a harbour festival and many more you will not only discover more about the city but also meet new people and make friends in Bristol. Everyone’s in a good mood at a festival and they’re bound to have similar interests to you that you can chat about.

No matter what your interests are, Bristol is a city bustling with culture and fun things to do so meeting new people and making friends in Bristol should be very easy for you. Like we said, be open and friendly, talk to everyone you meet and you will have a new group of friends in mo time!


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