How to make new friends as an adult based on your interests.

Socializing Tips

Making new friends as an adult is always tricky, as most people have friends that they grew up with or studied together and have known for years. Then they meet new friends at work and some friends of friends and that will be their main social circle.

However, if you are looking to make new friends based on your interests so that you have more things in common other than the fact that you happened to be in the same place or that you have always been friends, there are some ideas and tips you should follow.


Friends Who Like The Same Music

Music is a big part of most people’s lives and it affects things from where to go for a night out to finding someone to come to the gig you want to go with you. To find new friends who like the same music you can look into bars and clubs that play this music and go meet people who are already there. Taking part in conversation on your favourite artists’ fan pages is also a good way to get a feel of the community around this music. And, if there’s a gig you’re going to you can always ask who else is going from the fan group or relevant music groups, even post it as a social on citysocializer.


Friends Who Like The Same Fashion

This usually applies more to people who tend to wear more alternative fashions, but also those who just love fashion in general and are always looking at new collections and trends or even have their own fashion blogs and youtube channels. Fashion groups are on the rise on facebook and you will be able to find a lot of networking events for people in the fashion industry. While they may seem a bit professional at the start, these are people who love fashion as much as you. For alternative fashions you can always try to organise a get together doing a relevant activity, be it drinks, dinner, picnics or even a visit to an art gallery.


Friends Who Like The Outdoors

If you are more of an active person and like spending time outside you’re in luck. There are lots of outdoor activity groups and sports classes you can join and have fun being outside. There you can meet other people like you who have a lot of energy and like all sorts of outdoorsy activities. You can even use citysocializer to put up small hikes, sports days and other activities you would like to try out before deciding which one you want to do regularly, and you will be able to find lots of taster classes that people like to do.


Friends Who Like Geeky Things

Whether you are a fan of games, tv shows and movies or dressing up, geeky things are always better with a group, which is why fandoms exist. Getting together with people who know the same things as you, understand all your random quotes and references and get as a excited as you for new merch is a great way to make you feel part of a community. You should look for organised games nights and read through the fan pages of the things you like. Then have a look at any themed events in your city you can all create a social for and even start your own themed weekly meeting where you can all discuss the latest episodes of your favourite shows together.


Friends Who Like Art & Culture

Be it paintings, modern installations or poetry and history speeches, art is definitely something that broadens your horizons. Your best chance of meeting other people like you is by looking for the less popular exhibits, up and coming artists, open mic nights and small local exhibition. The atmosphere there will be more relaxed and other attendees will be looking into mingling with the crowd so that they get to know the smaller local scene. So ditch the big commercial events and start networking in smaller communities.

In any case, no matter what your interests are you can always post the activity you would like to do on citysocializer to reach lots of different people and find the ones who love doing the same things as you do. Especially in a large city like London there is always going to be people like you you can meet.


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