How To Make The Most Of Living In London

Socializing Tips

Living in London is a wonderful experience, full of things to do and new people to meet. While the possibilities to make new friends are endless, it is usually quite helpful to have a handy guide on where to go out, what to try and where to go to meet people in London, to make sure you do not get overwhelmed by the fast pace of the capital. With a vast selection of things to do and see, we hope these tips will get you started in the best way possible.

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Make A World Food List

Every person I say this to thinks I’ve gone mad, but trust me, making a list of cuisines you want to try is a great idea when you’ve had enough of Indian and Italian. I would have never thought of trying food from Ghana or Peru from the top of my head if I didn’t have a list with those on it. A great thing about London is that you can definitely find food from all over the world so I recommend just looking up ‘list of all the countries in the world’ and ticking them off one by one. If you’re ever unsure what to have for dinner, just pick the next country you haven’t tried.

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Set Clear Goals & Budgets For Going Out

It may sound like a work task but going out can definitely feel like a full time job sometimes. With so much happening it is very easy to stress over missing out something or realising you have spent too much money by the end of the month and you still have things you want to go see. First of all accept that you will never manage to do everything but that’s ok. This way you can only do the things you love the most. Then start with ticketed events, buy your tickets as early as possible to get early bird prices, set aside some cash for drinks on those nights, then see how many days you have free and plan accordingly.

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Take A Class Or Join An Organised Activity

Having at least one regular activity in your schedule will make you feel productive and will give you something to look forward to every week. We recommend dance or sports so that you can also keep fit but any other class will do. This way, even if your friends are busy one week and you haven’t got plans you will always have something in your schedule that will make you get out of the house and hang out with some people.

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Set Aside Free Time For Yourself

It is very easy to say yes to everything and end up realising you haven’t slept properly for weeks. At one point or another you will find yourself thinking that you might be able to sleep in 3 weekends from today if you systematically avoid talking to everyone until then and hide under a blanket watching Netflix. Remember that the fact that there are lots of things to do doesn’t mean you have to do them all. Choice is good but down time is important for you physical and mental health. Take some time to rest, recharge and have a quiet day in. If you have to, put it in your schedule and treat it as a meeting with a very important person, yourself.

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Be Proactive About Meeting Likeminded People

The bigger the city, the larger variety of people living in it and the smaller the chances you will accidentally bump into people with the same interests as you. While you are guaranteed to have other people with the same interests you may need to go out and look for them. Look for facebook groups, special events, meetups, reddit groups and search for your interests. Something we’ve learnt from our experience, if there’s something you wish existed, there’s a good chance it does exist here in London. Join as many groups as possible, check out events and then pick whatever you think will be perfect for you.

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Use Websites & Apps To Make Plans

Keeping in mind how many things there are to do in London, having some handy apps you can look at for reference can be vital. TimeOut London always has information on special events, new restaurants and generally everything happening in London. Yplan and Design My Night will have the best ticketed events and you can search by category to find some unusual things you wouldn’t even know existed. Wowcher, Red Letter Days and Groupon are perfect to get discounts to more touristy activities that are still very cool for Londoners to do too. Who doesn’t love a good afternoon tea after all? Citysocializer has socials every day so any time you fancy a pint after work and think it’s too late to call people you can just join a social happening the same day and go out. Meetup is great to network with people with the same professional background and niche hobbies. Using all these tools will make your life easier and leave you free to just sit back and enjoy your free time.

If you have any other tips about making the most of living in London let us know in the comments. And if you want to start using citysocializer to go out and meet new friends just sign up on our website using the link below.


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